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So, What’s The Story?

Back in 1990 we established Have Doggie, We’ll Doo!!, the first company of its kind commited to Canine waste removal. At least as far noticed, our first competitors appears several years later. It was such an unusual idea at the time that we were featured in the press quite a bit, not to mention a few books. 

PetNeeds Yellow Pages

Before Google, businesses made sure they were featured in paper directories. The problem with niche industries such as ours, and other emerging businesses in the pet industry, was that the Yellow Pages didn’t have proper categorization for our services. We were often featured under Dog Groomers.

We took it upon ourselves to address this growing market and established the first PetNeeds Yellow Pages. We had hundreds of businesses listed, and these directories were freely available in many dozens of locations across the Chicagoland area. We continued this directory for 10 years.

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