While dogs are absolute angels and far too good for us, they tend to leave behind little presents that can ultimately ruin our yards, affect the health of our children, and flat out make our stomachs turn.

We’ve been in the poop scooping business for nearly 30 years. What used to be a commonly neglected job for dog owners turned into a way to help our neighbors maintain beautiful and healthy yards. The fact is, far too many folks neglect cleaning up after their dog. They just don’t put in the effort or simply do not care. No we don’t judge (to each their own), but it’s an issue that presented us the opportunity to do more. The fact is, dog poop cleanup is an issue that never seems to go away.

That is where Have Doggie, We’ll Doo comes in.

Since 1990 we have been serving Chicagoland and the northern suburbs in quick and efficient pooper scooping. Our workers are skilled, our methods are tried and true, and our business has proved time and time again that there isn’t a job we can’t do.

a small terrier puppy taking a poop in fresh looking grass

Don’t be fooled, dog poop is a dirty business

We’ll be honest: what we do isn’t pretty. There’s nothing glamorous about poop scooping. We’ve seen some pretty wild things in our time and can’t imagine many people finding what we do to be interesting or attractive. However, how we conduct ourselves is anything but dirty! It’s important to understand that this line of work requires a specific kind of professionalism and certain sanitary precautions. As the Master Scoopers we have honed our skills in both: professional dog waste removal for Chicagoans without any messy scenes afterward.

We have experienced plenty and have seen it all: from minor jobs on someone’s front steps, full-scale mud pit cleanups, homeowners who simply let their pupper get away with the dirty deed one too many times, but we also introduced compostable dog waste bags to Chicago neighborhoods in the early 2000s, did quite a few kennel cleanups, published a directory of unusual pet services for 10 years, and still more.

It’s in the name: we’ve honed our skills throughout the years, 29 to be exact. Yes, we’ve tried every method, gone through every route, and have seen it all (and trust us, some of it just can’t be unseen).

Simply put: Chicago trusts us when it comes to poop scooping. That’s why we’ve been at it for so long.

We are professional, on time, and experienced in poop scooping in Chicago and the northern suburbs. It’s our home. No job is too big for us, and we’ve done just about any kind of poop clean up and waste removal you can think of. Don’t leave your yard or home in the hands of someone who lacks experience or courtesy. We treat your property with respect and clean it as if it were our own.

Get Your Dog’s Waste Removed Today

Whether you have a yard behind your home that needs to be cleaned every few days or perhaps own a business property that needs to be presentable, Master Scoopers are your go-to when it comes to dog waste removal in Chicagoland. No matter if you are in the city or in the northern suburbs, we’ve got you covered.

We work with homeowners, business owners, schools, daycares, realtors, park districts, and hotels across Chicago. Do you have a BBQ coming up? Maybe a birthday party? Or perhaps the weather is getting nicer, and your kids want to go out and play in your yard. Maybe you’ve noticed customers giving your business an odd look recently. If you need dog waste removal or any other related service, don’t hesitate to call or send us an email. We’ll be glad to pick up after your dog.

Professional Pooper Scooping Service

Keep your yard fresh and clean yearound. Time tested, hassle-free, quiet, quick, and most importantly Reliable dog poop removal service!