Nope, The Joy Of Owning A Dog Ain’t Never Dog Poop

Life is full of to-do lists. Every day we are bombarded with both the planned and the unexpected, countless items on a never-ending list of chores. Some we welcome as positive drivers in our lives, others are very much the bane of our existence.

Without a doubt, we know that picking up after your dog is certainly not something one looks forward to in their day. Who comes home from work excited for the dog waste that awaits them? If this does for some unique reason describe you, feel free to contact us about a potential employment opportunity… Very potential.

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When Life Outpaces The Dog Waste

That being said, we’ve found that more and more homeowners are simply too overworked with life’s daily stresses and demands to adequately handle their dog waste problems. Honestly, we don’t blame you for not having or making the time to dispose of your dog’s poop. Life happens, we get it. We’ve based our business on that undeniable aspect that everyone one of us faces. But ignoring a problem does not solve it. In fact, you’ll learn (the hard way) that pretending you don’t have a dog waste issue will only create more pains for you down the road.

Below we’ll cover the top reasons why homeowners are simply not getting their crap together, in a bag and throwing it in the garbage.

Dog Waste Biodegradation: That’s a Thing, Right?

Well, sort of. You see, while animal waste does in fact decompose over time, that time frame is rather long. And while you assume that your dog waste will convert into soil in no time, the truth is that poop doesn’t just turn into dirt right away. That’s where the problem lays: your dog waste can create a variety of problems if not properly disposed of. There are a myriad of sanitation issues that could potentially harm your yard and even your children if not taken seriously. Left to pile, dog waste would destroy your yard and threaten the water supply long before it composted into anything useful.

Dog Poop, The Story: It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Think about it: you have poop rotting away around your home. It’s being affected by the hot sun all day long. It’s got little bugs and critters feeding off it, mating on it, and living in it. Your kids are running around, like a game of mouse trap just waiting to tumble and fumble over your dog’s poop from last week. Maybe that last part is a bit of overkill, but we are seriously trying to get a message across: it’s really gross to just leave your dog waste lying around, assuming the wonders of decomposition will take it far, far away from your life. Nope, you’ve simply created a little play area of pestilence that will rot your yard away and infect your loved ones.

Winter’s Coming

A common mistake homeowners make is counting on the weather to take care of their dog waste problems. Avoiding the much-needed cleanup, folks will wait until the cold months of December, January, and February to bring about the snow they assume will, through some kind of natural phenomena, eradicate the dog waste that has accumulated in their yards. Truth is, it’ll only preserve it.

That’s right.

The snow and ice of a cold winter aren’t magical. Whatever Disney flick you’ve seen or bro-science Facebook post your neighbor shared, we promise you: that just doesn’t work. Why would single digit temperatures and snow clean your yard of dog waste?

Sort of like Captain America coming off the ice, your dog poop will see the glorious sun once again come spring.*¹

The difference is you’ll have to avenge your excrement-ridden yard. If you thought getting rid of fresh dog poop was a chore, wait until you’re stuck cleaning up dozens of soggy turds laying all around. If only a special task force existed for this purpose!

If you had any cute or adventurous ideas for spring gardening or summer planting, forget about it. You’re now cleaning up your dog waste and researching time-consuming or potentially expensive alternatives to bring your yard back to a healthy state.

There’s A Service For That

You’re right. You are absolutely right. And we’ll keep it 100 with you: picking up dog waste is not for everyone.

It’s not some kind of natural skill we all have, and it’s not something one usually makes a career out of.

Have Doggie We’ll Doo has spent the greater part of the last 30 years cleaning up after dogs all over Chicagoland. We saw it for ourselves: what were our neighbors always complaining about? What were people avoiding time and time again? Picking up their dogs poop. So we said why not? We’ll do it. And we’ll doo it right.

We’re the premier dog waste removal service in Chicago.

We are clean, we are quick, and respectful of your property. We diagnose how bad your dog waste problem is, whether it’s a casual weekly clean up or a large scale project that means bringing life back to your yard and property.

We don’t judge, we don’t ask many questions, we simply perform. If you happen to catch us in the yard one day, we will happily stop and chat though!

We only ask you keep the doggos inside while we clean, give us access to the property, and then get right to it.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t just ask for the Master Scoopers in the first place.

Don’t wait until your kids walk into the house covered in poop. Don’t count on Mother Nature to clean up after your pet’s mess. Take the initiative and give your yard and home the respect they deserve by hiring a professional team to take care of your dog waste issues.

*¹ Please see The Avengers: The First Avenger (2011):

Professional Dog Waste Removal Service

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