Dog Poop Clean Up, For Businesses

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Dog Poop Clean Up Weekly; Your Customers Deserve The Very Best

Maintaining a clean and professional work environment is crucial for your business. Give it the look it deserves with a prompt and efficient dog waste clean up. Have Doggie We’ll Doo has been the trusted partners of business across Chicago and the northern suburbs since 1990 for professional dog waste removal.

We handle the cleaning so that you can focus on running your business.

  • Scalable dog poop clean up staff as required for events , or regular weekly dog waste removal for daily business.

  • We respect your privacy and property. Our dog waste removal service is speedy and prompt.

  • Whether you are a small business, franchise, or large corporation – we have you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

dog poop clean up service

If your question isn’t covered here, send us an email or give us a call. We learn something new everyday.

What is it that you actually doo?2019-03-18T16:34:17+00:00

We will send in one of our pooper scoopers on a regularly scheduled day to thoroughly rid your property of canine waste. We are proud to say that we are there approximately the same time each week, give or take 10-15 minutes depending on traffic

Doo you clean year round?2019-03-18T16:34:12+00:00

We will come as long as we possibly can depending on snow accumulation.

As you know, living in the Chicagoland area we tend to have winters that have a large amount of snow. We will be there on your service day, or sometimes days before or after depending on how the snow melts. We do charge a little extra for those days after a snow melt, as there is usually more waste and often wet slushy conditions.

What do you doo with the waste?2019-03-18T16:34:08+00:00

We double bag the waste and place in your garbage container.

We can for an extra $2.00 a week haul it away to be disposed of.

Doo I need to be home during a cleaning?2019-03-18T16:40:58+00:00

NO, you do not need to be home as long as there is access to your yard.

We prefer to hold keys or access codes if they’re needed. We will return all keys you should cancel service.

Can my dogs be in the yard during a cleaning?2019-03-18T16:33:58+00:00

We prefer that they were not in the yard, but it is OK as long as they are not territorial or aggressive. If they are aggressive, we prefer they be indoors so we can go about our business and clean the yard.

How do I pay for dog waste removal service?2019-03-18T16:33:52+00:00

We ask clients to pay with credit or debit card to pay for your service. We will charge your card each month on your last service day. So for example: Thursdays will be charged on the last Thursday of the month, Mondays will be charged last Monday of the month and so on. We can upon request, email you a PAID invoice for your record keeping each month.

If you have any other questions, please contact us


“I used this service for fifteen years and only quit because I moved out of state. They were very consistent and the convenience is out of this world. Will you love it in the spring with the first snow melt and every dog owner knows what I mean. This service also kept my neighbors quite happy, in case I wasn’t as consistent as I needed to be. Try them you won’t want to go back and its really quite affordable.”
Deborah G, Leander, TX

“I just don’t have time to clean up the yard, and my dogs completely took over – backyard parties were not possible for a big hunk of this summer. Have Doggie We’ll Doo changed that! They cleaned my yard so all – my dogs, I and my friends can enjoy it. Highly recommended!”

Mike M, Des Plaines, IL

“This is the perfect service for the busy professional, elderly, disabled or the person who doesn’t want to deal with doggie doo! I live in the suburbs with 2 dogs and am unable to clean up my backyard after them due to a walking impairment and my wife doesn’t want to touch it. Diane’s crew is FANTASTIC! I HIGHLY recommend Have Doggie We’ll Do to every dog owner who doesn’t want to deal with the mess but have a clean and fresh backyard.”

Mark D, Rolling Meadows, IL

Professional Dog Waste Removal

Dog owners trust us with their dog waste removal. Our dog poop scooping service is prompt and clean. Contact us to schedule your dog waste removal today!

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