• Dog Poop Removal & The Mysterious Chihuahuas
    Florence Howling invited our dog poop removal experts from Jefferson Park for some coffee, to explain the mysterious poop situation in her yard and the parties she throws for her artist friends. But a new question emerges: why are these parties always taking place on full moon?! Let’s find out… *** The chat over coffee in the sunlit living room of the Howling house is the start of a new friendship between Diane and Florence. The two women bond over their love of art. Diane learns about the artists whose works line up the walls in Florence’s house. And Florence […]
  • Night Owls and The Amazing Pooper Scooper Service
    In Our Previous Installment… The Master Scoopers made an unusual discovery during their first scheduled pooper scooper service with the Howling Family… despite the several demolition grade garbage bags of dog poop removed from the yard, the Howlings only have 2 chihuahuas?! Find out what happens next! *** Four weeks have passed, and Ivan is back in Highland Park, just as scheduled. As he walks to the yard, he peers over to see if Irene is outside like the last time. Her yard looks serene, with a couple of sparrows hopping and picking the ground. “Better get to it,” he […]
  • The Dog Waste Removal of Highland Park
    *** “Hello? Are you the new landscapers for Florence and Lucian?” Ivan turns around to see the next door neighbor, standing in her yard with a hose in her hand, sprinkling the flowerbeds to the west of her garden. “Hello! Oh no, actually we’re here removing the dog waste from the yard. See my van there in the front? That’s us – Master Scoopers, Chicago’s original dog waste removal service! I’m Ivan. How are you?” “That’s a surprise! Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you there. Nice to meet you Ivan, I’m Irene. See, I was telling Florence just the other […]
  • Dog Poop Pick Up, White Glove Style, for The Howling Family
    Highland Park resident’s Mr. and Ms. Howling schedule monthly dog poop pick up service, but a very important detail seems to be missing. Read as the mystery unravels in this 5 part series. “We got a new lead!” exclaims Diane, as she quickly jotted down the phone number on the screen into her leather bound contact book. Ivan, who’s been going through the photographs on his camera, looks up and asked “Oh, great! What neighborhood?”  “Highland Park, I think. You know the McClory bike path? I think they’re over there.” “Such a nice place to live! I bet their dogs […]